Yuta Okkotsu's Cursed Technique

Yuta Okkotsu’s Cursed Technique and True Mutual Love Domain Expansion

Jujutsu Kaisen’s complex and multilayered world, where the cursed energy prevails and clashes are taking place between the sorcerers and the cursed spirits, only a few characters are as prominent as Yuta Okkotsu. By means of his intriguing abilities and captivating past history, Yuta has made a place in the fans’ hearts in every corner of the world. In this post, we focus on the core of Yuta’s skills, especially on his powerful Cursed Technique and spectacular Domain Expansion.

And, when Yuta joined his comrades in the fight against the King of Curses, the events of the story were bound to reach higher amounts of intensity which turned out to be exactly what happened as a result of what followed. Expectations were high, and fans were all expecting him to display what kind of power he really had in JJK‚ chapter 249. Eventually, he used his Domain Expansion, named All-encompassing Unequivocal Love, also known as True and Mutual Love.

The Malevolent Entity: Rika, the Cursed Spirit

First of all, it is necessary to make clear Rika is not Yuta’s cursed technique. Riku is a soul of the cursed being which is attached to him. (He decided to stay which is connected with her while her soul becomes open.) Yuta is a distant relative of the Gojo Clan and therefore he can curse others. While he was still a little boy, his childhood friend Rika passed away at his very feet.

Being too confused to handle this shock, he cursed her without knowing that, as a result, she became a cursed spirit. After the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 manga, Yuta was finally able to let her free from the curse he had put on her.

Nevertheless, after Rika freed her soul imprisonment, the cursed spirit Rika the Queen of Curses remained thereby transferring the last trace of her will.

The Malevolent Entity: Rika, the Cursed Spirit

Ultimately, Rika’s character is nothing more than Yuta’s love personified, which he sacrificed to save her.

Yuta has more command over this version of Rika and does not need to be really emotional to do that. Nonetheless, the underlying childlike and scaring side of her past personality is still there.

She somehow frequently shows up partially and attacks to protect Yuta from anybody at least.

Rika can also act independently at a fair distance from Yuta to do different tasks. Moreover, she maintained the power she used to have.

Complete Manifestation:

Rika manifests and delivers external storage for Yuta where the latter stores the cursed energy, artifacts, or copies of techniques. Yuta can get this when he wears the ring.

A ring on his finger allows Yuta to manifest Rika fully and get hold of cursed power to substitute for his personal energy loss instead. Yuta will be able to form this connection with Rika for a five-minute interval.

Yuta Okkotsu’s Domain Expansion: All-encompassing Unequivocal Love

Yuta Okkotsu was always considered to have a Domain Expansion. Now, fans know him to be a really special grade sorcerer and for any special-grade sorcerer to not have a Domain Expansion would sound illogical. Fans knew from the very beginning that Yuta would employ the most powerful domain expansion, while another problem was that they had no chance to see him in action using this ability. In the Culling Game arc, Yuta was the one with the most focus and he fought in many great battles. Some of these battles drove him to his limits, such as fighting with both Uro and Ishigori. 

To be honest, the first notable battle was the one in which Yuta had to use his domain expansion because the other two characters also possessed this ability. However, the viewers did not actually get to see the Domain Expansion that he used and how he applied it as well.

Initially, fans didn’t know what they could expect from Yuta’s Domain Expansion, but new details have been uncovered during the current fight between Him and Sukuna. To fight the King of Curses with anything less than 100% from Yuta will only lead to folly and the boy, as smart as he is, knows that he needs to give his best.

He, in particular, is all the more convinced that Sukuna has been the one to cause all the major deaths that have occurred within the past few hours and for that reason he resolves to bring everything to an end inside his own domain.

In Yuta’s domain expansion, there are many katanas at the same time, and knots that are the icon of weddings. Every time Yuta tries to untie them, the knots become even tighter, evidence of the power of love between him and Rika. This is a nice way of the author to show this and is absolutely beautiful for the fans to see.

Okkotsu’s Innate Cursed Technique: Copy

Yuta’s innate technique is copy which provides him with the power to write identified cursed techniques. That enables him to copy the cursed techniques of the other sorcerers. He can even combine several techniques into one and perform them in rapid succession, which makes it possible for him to create deadly combos.

He basically executes Cursed Techniques which are later copied into Rika memory, which later he can execute when he is connected to Rika with his ring.

Gege Akutami, the author of the series, has not disclosed any specific instructions on the conditions necessary to copy someone’s technique.

On the other hand, in chapter 180, we saw some signals where Ishigoori began to postulate that Yuta copied Uro’s technique only after Rika ate her arm.

Such a thing was strengthened when chapter 251 said that Yuta got copied by Sukuna that he ate the last and only finger that he had.

Okkotsu's Innate Cursed Technique: Copy

Thus our current hypothesis is that only Yuta or Rika would be able to be copied if either of them or the latter (Rika) would eat a piece of a sorcerer.

We are also of the opinion that even blood is enough for this situation, therefore Yuta is a good copier of this trait from his friends.

Yuta is not the type of sorcerer who would hurt his friends just for power, and blood seems like a pretty innocent way to gain new techniques.

Cursed techniques that Yuta currently has, as of chapter 251, are:

  • Inumaki Toge’s Cursed Speech
  • Druv Lakdawalla’s Shikigami
  • Uro Takako Sky Manipulation
  • Angel’s Jacob’s Ladder
  • Charles’ G Warstaff
  • Sukuna’s Shrine

The Inner Workings of Yuta’s Domain Expansion

The domain produces a special environment after the release. it appears to be an inconsistent or a huge number of crosses and katanas randomly lying on the ground.

The crosses are connected with ropes in knots which stand for love.

All the swords around are not for decoration, each sword carries one of the cursed techniques that Yuta has copied. Those two techniques and the secret fascination that lies inside them can only be snatched by Yuta once.

The Inner Workings of Yuta's Domain Expansion

On the flip side, he doesn’t know which technique is inside a katana and it only replies when he picks it up, giving him a chance to learn its technique. In addition, Yuta can use the technique any number of times because of the infinite swords.

This domain allows the character, Yuta, to select for his sure-hit effect any of the copied techniques available at the time of the expansion of the said domain and in exchange, the technique is excluded from the pool of Katanas that the character can use.