Did Yuta Give Up His Body? The Mind-Blowing Twist in Jujutsu Kaisen!

Well, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 was an outstanding one, and that was mainly because the author introduced some of the best and shocking aspects here. As the fans would recall, Gojo was expected to be back to the fighting arena and as per the norm, he was back in the previous chapter. 

But not in the way that fans would have imagined him to. Although it is true that Gojo returned to the battlefield, at least in terms of his physical form, it was Yuta who was in control of Gojo’s body at this time.

Readers could not even understand how this was possible at first, and the fans were no different. Fortunately, as JJK chapter 261 progressed, it was explained that this was made possible by Yuta’s Copy technique. But, as Yuta now possesses Gojo’s body, people are curious if he will be able to go back to his previous body again or not?

How Yuta Okkotsu Achieved the Ultimate Body Swap

One of JJK’s prominent characters that contributed to chapter 261 is Yuta Okkotsu. Actually this chapter was mind blowing for his character building and this depicts that out of all the new generation sorcerers Yuta is on another level entirely. This does not necessarily mean that Yuta is the strongest, but then, this sets the stage for the conclusion. What this simply means is that as compared to the two Yuta has the most resolve and therefore has dumped his humanity and has the potential of becoming a real monster. 

Yuta clearly stated that himself in the previous chapter, you know. He remembered Gojo always wished to be the monster to protect everyone, but now Yuta wants the same since the monster is no longer present.

How Yuta Okkotsu Achieved the Ultimate Body Swap

Moving on to how it was possible for Yuta’s bodies to switch in the first place, there are many phases on how this change is made. The first things were the requirements that had to be fulfilled before this could be possible. 

This requirement is quite understandable since Yuta could only take control of Gojo’s body after the latter was killed. This has been seen in the battle with Sukuna where the World Splitting Dismantle cut him into two. His body was then taken to Shoko in a coffin with the help of a technique offered by Ui Ui. Meanwhile, Yuta decides to fight Kenjaku with Todo’s assistance, which is also fine under ordinary circumstances. 

After Kenjaku’s head was chopped off however, Yuta promptly impaled him in the skull with yuki right where his head was just removed from and, finally, had Rika swallow Kenjaku. With that, he obtained Kenjaku’s cursed body hopping technique which allows the user to switch bodies with another individual. Yuta then went back to the battleground to fight against Sukuna.

He initially planned for the battle against Sukuna alone and aimed to give lethal blows to him. This did not sit well with him until he failed to finish off the battle alone and was decapitated through the World Splitting Dismantle which also killed Gojo. 

Thanks to Rika he was barely able to survive for a while. However, his consciousness was slowly dying and it was time for him to turn into that empty vessel. Fortunately, thanks to the ability, which he copied from Kenjaku, he was able to transfer to Gojo’s body which had been sewn up by Shoko by then.

This allowed Yuta to not only possess Gojo’s body and all of his abilities but also to witness all of the memories associated with them. Now, Yuta is very strong and even more powerful than previously and is a real threat to Sukuna.

Yuta Okkotsu: Doomed or Destined?

The appearance of Gojo’s body was also seen in chapter 261 of JJK where Yuta fought Sukuna one more time. The two released crippling domain expansions; Yuta activated Unlimited Void, and Sukuna activated Malevolent Shrine targeting him. Domain clash is going to be fantastic, and expectations for further development of the show is high among fans, and with a good reason. But a much bigger concern that every fan has on heart is what happens to Yuta now??

It was highlighted in the previous chapter that Yuta can only use the body swap for a maximum of five minutes. This is because it is how long Yuta can use Copy and fully bring Rika out at the same time. This means that when the five minutes are up, anything can happen to him. In fact the future of Yuta is not really distinct and there isn’t a solution to the question: ‘‘What is going to happen to Yuta?’’.

Yuta Okkotsu: Doomed or Destined?

Since its main body is already dying, there is an even higher probability that Yuta cannot ever go back to the body. As such, this could have been the end of line for him, the final curtain to be pulled down on his young life. When the 5 minutes are up, Yuta can end it there and die or he slowly loses cursed energy and dies a little bit slower. Even if the technique is activated once, it is also possible for Yuta to remain inside Gojo’s body for eternity. Then, theoretically, Yuta could also switch bodies in the future and live as they did without problems like Kenjaku. The fans are not even sure what will happen to his body from this point onwards.

Is There Still Hope for Yuta?

The question of whether Yuta can return to his real body or not is one of the most complex in the series. First of all, fans must bear in mind that for the present, Yuta has tossed the idea of coming back into his body himself. He seems to be most determined to either kill himself fighting this war or be killed by the clock running out on him. Yuta can perhaps remain in Gojo’s body though seeing how things have been going for the sorcerers recently that does not seem very probable.

It would also be slightly odd for Yuta to use the body of Gojo which is, in a way, dead or at least violated. Therefore, it becomes very probable that either Yuta will gradually die or he will understand that he can live in Gojo indefinitely when the time is up. He could also get the chance to return to the body. That could only happen if his corpse was stitched by Shoko and healed to the optimum level. Then, Yuta can potentially use Kenjaku’s cursed technique again, effectively seizing control of his own body. 

Is There Still Hope for Yuta?

This would also be giving respect to Gojo and burying him properly in case he is not amongst the living by the time they get out. Yet, that may seem to be the best that Yuta could hope for in this regard. The worst/possible scenario is that Yuta may not return any; he dies after this fight and leaves everything to Yuji.

It is impossible not to admit that Yuta has acted rather bravely, but now the destiny of the main character depends solely on the author. The two largest possibilities are that Yuta will die instantly and/or that he will regain his old body. It is very unlikely for Him to remain in Gojo’s body for eternity, so fans just await on which side the author will turn to.