Revealing Yuji Itadori’s Domain: Walking Through The Darkness, He Reached from Black Flashes to Domain Expansion


Jujutsu Kaisen fans! Here we go right to the main point and, of course, those central figures are our main guy Yuji Itadori and his incredible self-development during the climax. With the end of the Culling Game arc approaching, there will be many interesting battle scenes and events to come, which will be excitedly awaited by many fans. Let us together find the answers, such as expanding his domain and how Choso’s training may be a huge help in shaping this new power.

Awakening Yuji’s Cursed Technique:

In the manga, Yuji Itadori, or our main character, is also very powerful when he fights. He learnt so much, starting from making anti-special-curse charms to practising better fighting skills, his experience was something impressive.

 The last few chapters of the Culling Game have seen Yuji soar even higher, revealing his continued growth and dedication despite all the hardships he’s faced. However, the sequence with Sukuna in the last chapters gave another example of his never-ending attacks, including getting Penetrating Blood, his powerful ability that easily cuts the targets.

Awakening Yuji's Cursed Technique:

Piercing Blood, a signature ability of blood manipulation, is risky and a deadly skill exhibited by other characters including Noritoshi Kamo and Choso. This will give the idea of Yuji’s ability to master the art of blood manipulation, a skill that can give him an advantage in a fight. While Choso’s training with Yuji is like the first steps into revealing the power, it is still unclear what the full ability is and how far Yuji can stretch its limits.

Does Yuji hold any ability to manifest a domain?

Along with everyone, the question that stands in Yuji’s mind is whether he indeed exceeds the limits of one’s domain extension. Thanks to his impressive talent and quick development, Yuji is among the top wizards of the series. Even Gojo, one of the world’s strongest sorcerers, has recognized that Yuji has the ability to reach a level of power that has not been seen before. Adding some of Yuji’s blood manipulation skills to the mix, it can be mentioned that he will definitely be able to unleash the domain expansion.

It is obvious that Yuji’s natural gift and insatiable desire is more superior than the intelligence of other characters such as Kamo and Choso who have yet to be able to show domain expansion. Considering the fact that he is the most skilled among his magical peers, Yuji has a strength that can surpass the rest of the jujutsu world. This triggers a level of suspense for the audience as the spectators look forward to the unveiling of Yuji Domain which can be deduced as the Blood Domain because of his new found expertise in blood manipulation.

Itadori Yuji’s Domain Expansion – Blood Domain

As the process of Yuji’s trip continues, fans are impatiently looking forward to the revelation of his domain expansion, which should be blood domain. With new capabilities of blood manipulation, Yuji’s Domain will become a dangerous enemy. Although nobody is really sure about what exactly it is, the fans speculate that it can allow him the command of the bloodstreams, potentially as Piercing Blood technique can.

Itadori Yuji's Domain Expansion - Blood Domain

Where Sukuna is concerned, Yuji’s Blood Domain could be exactly what he needs to take down the Curse King. He will still be just as much a challenge now as before. The Blood of these adversaries was in the hands of Yuji and in this way was able to reach the maximum performance that nobody had ever reached to be considered one of the most dangerous sorcerers of all time. Along with Yuji, when the fight starts, it is clear that the stakes have never been higher and they will face each other in an ultimate battle where the kings will battle.


As we impatiently anticipate the coming episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen, which character draws our attention is Yuji Itadori? Who’s on his way to be master? The addition of a domain to his arsenal alongside his increasing proficiency in blood manipulation, set the grounds for his evolution which has the potential to drastically change the course of the world of jujutsu. Through his battle with Sukun and with his own internal demons, Yuji will be fully involved in various tests and trials that will forge him into a real hero.