Does Yuji Itadori Have Blood Manipulation Technique? How Did He Get It?

It seems like Itadori finally has a cursed technique he can wield, and it is none other than the Blood Manipulation technique!

Gege Akutami has been a pioneer in quashing all the theories that fans had concocted about Yuji having a cursed technique, starting with the Memory Manipulation technique.

And while Gojo said in the past that Sukuna’s cursed technique will get engraved in Itadori as time passes, the King Of Curses chose to switch bodies before we got any concrete proof of Itadori learning Cleave or Dismantle.

Despite being the MC of the series, Black Flash and peak physical ability were the only attributes that stood out when it came to Yuji. However, in the recent fight against a reincarnated Sukuna, it seems that Akutami has decided to stack Yuji with new powers, especially his onii-chan’s Blood Manipulation technique.

Is it true that Yuji Itadori has the ability to use Blood Manipulation?

Before digging into the answer, let me paint a little picture for you. For a pretty long time now, the same-discussed theories about Yuji having already got, or going to get the Blood Manipulation technique have been circulating.

It all started when the manga hinted that Itadori had eaten the remaining Cursed Womb: Battle Against Sukuna Before Taking the Painting of Death Akutami’s foreshadowing is a whole different game!!!

Furthermore, the discussion that was taking place between Itadori and Kanmo (referred to as the good boy) is also an outstanding element. This discussion was part of the flashback which was seen in chapter 244.

Is it true that Yuji Itadori has the ability to use Blood Manipulation?

This is one of the flashback sequences where Itadori thanked Noritoshi Kamo for “taught him so many things” and noted that Choso “is so much of a bad teacher.” ”

But given the fact that both Kamo and Choso are Blood Manipulation types, the readers naturally assumed that they would teach Itadori something related to Blood Manipulation.

Next, in chapter 251, when Itadori was inside the domain of Yuta fighting Sukuna, he made his blood, which was on Sukuna’s face, explode. This technique was very much like Choso’s supernova which reinforced the rational that Itadori really had power over blood flow.

And, when Yuta’s domain got destroyed, we saw Choso explaining to Itadori how he could get his blood flowing properly inside his body in order to gain more control over his blood flow, an extremely important skill for Itadori.

Chapter 256 was the peak of all the theories when he gave piercing blood – a technique known as Blood Manipulation, to Sukuna with Choso’s assistance.

Moreover, it was in JJK chapter 257 that the narrator finally acknowledged that Yuji Itadori in fact possessed the Blood Manipulation technique.

Now, here comes a crucial question: how did Itadori develop the blood manipulation technique?

How did Itadori manage to acquire the Blood Manipulation ability?

Because Kenjaku is Itadori’s mother, there were some assumptions that the sorcerer’s blood-manipulation ability might have been transferred to him.

Why? Though ultimately it was still undecided which ability Kenjaku kept and discarded, that he had also summoned the blood demon Noritoshi Kamo (of the past) was enough to make them assume that he must have kept the one of Blood Manipulation, just like he had the Anti-Gravity of Kaori Itadori.

Yet, if you recollect well, Gojo who was well-known for his six eyes and had an ability that allowed him to easily unravel cursed techniques had stated that Itadori could not use jujutsu. Therefore, it’s logical to assume that Kenjaku did not pass the Blood Manipulation ability to him.

Additionally, it isn’t even established that the sorcerer had Blood Manipulation as of the time he possessed Kaori Itadori. Because Kenjaku’s special technique was NOT Blood Manipulation.

How did Itadori manage to acquire the Blood Manipulation ability?

So after the inheritance option is removed, now we can switch to the next option.

While Gojo stated Itadori had no special cursed technique in the same chapter, he also said that Sukuna’s cursed technique would get engraved on him eventually.

Now that the same logic shall be applied to another development, it all makes sense to explain how Itadori gets blood manipulation technique.

As I mentioned in the previous section, Itadori had eaten the remaining Death Painting: Cursed Wombs. Gege Akutami, as specified in the fan book, had already revealed what would be the consequences if Itadori had to ever consume the Death Paintings.

Alternatively, either the Death Painting Womb will be like Sukuna is currently, or the Death Painting Womb itself will become an evil energy, which will be inside Itadori.

Jump Festa created an era where all the fans rushed to the airports to meet their beloved characters in real life.

In fact, as the curse wombs are discerned to have fully merged into Itadori, and they have placed the technique of blood manipulation on him, from the chapter 257.