Ten Shadows Technique of Megumi in JJK

Megumi Fushiguro’s Ten Shadows Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen

Originally in the hands of the Zenin clan which is one of the Big Three Sorcerer Families in Jujutsu Kaisen, the Ten Shadows Technique is an inherited technique at the disposal of Megumi Fushiguro. The Ten Shadows Technique is considered the treasure that every person carrying the Zenin surname wants to get, and it allows its possessor to call ten exceptionally strong shikigami. It does this by the use of shadows in which the summoning is performed. Besides, those who get a shot at this technique are also capable of controlling the shadow in any way they desire.

The technique is considered as one of the most powerful techniques in the entire universe by all the sorcerers in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. This is because even the great Ryomen Sukuna, who is known as the King of Curses, developed an interest in Megumi after he noted that he was the one who had inherited the technique. According to Sukuna the power of the technique is close to limitless depending on the strength of the sorcerer and his mastery of the cursed energy. Another example of the technique’s potential is that the Zenin clan were willing to offer a huge fortune to Megumi’s father Toji to sell his son to the clan so that he could inherit the technique.

What Lies Within the Ten Shadows Technique?

To sum up, the execution of the Ten Shadows Technique enables the summoning of ten various shikigami as allies for a sorcerer to help him in the combat with close combat or ranged functions. Whenever one acquires the Ten Shadows Technique, one will first be given two Divine Dogs. First, the user has to conduct an exorcism and eliminate the summoned shikigami in question to gain control over them. The shikigami becomes completely loyal to the user once they have been defeated and will follow all of the user’s orders.

Every shikigami arrives with the help of a specific hand gesture, for which a shadow of the corresponding familiar appears. The shadows serve as the medium through which the summoning occurs and the hand gestures resemble the shikigami in form, and out of the shadow material, they form the actual familiar using the cursed energy. If the shikigami has been killed or completely annihilated, then it cannot be invoked any longer and its energy shall pass on to another. For example, if the user loses one of the Divine Dogs, they are then able to summon a stronger version of the shikigami.

Megumi Fushiguro's Ten Shadows Technique

Apart from performing shikigami calls, the Ten Shadows Technique also grants the user limited control over shadows. These can be used to physically mass through shadows, use them to conceal items, a user’s own body or that of another. This may come handy when a user wishes to catch the opponent off guard or when they wish to have a variety of weapons which can be stored using the above technique.

User’s potential Shikigami

This basically means that as long as the user has enough cursed energy they can use the technique when they want to and turn it off when they feel like it. As earlier noted, there is no external condition that is needed to be fulfilled so as to trigger the Ten Shadows Technique. However, when calling each shikigami, you spend a certain amount of curse energy that depends on their tier level. Therefore, when it comes to the stronger shikigami that a user wants to summon, far greater amounts of cursed energy are required.

The Shikigami that are summoned by this technique have their own attributes, which can be advantageous in different attacks and disadvantages. All the shikigami Megumi had are somehow connected to the “Ten Sacred Treasures” of Shinto myths, and so too are the markings on their bodies reminiscent of the seals of the holy relics the shikigami symbolize.

First of all, the Divine Dogs serve the purpose of detection and pursuit of curses, allies or locations and can, with raw biting force, destroy lower grade spirits. Among them, the next one is called Nue, A familiar in the form of a winged creature that can grab the user and fly at startling speed, or stab with its electric wings and perform shockwave attacks in full charge. 

Another shikigami is Toad that swings, squashes or throws opponents with his immensely strong tongue. However, due to its small size, it is also capable of carrying injured humans in its mouth.

Great Serpent is a large snake shikigami which could coil around objects or have its mouth clamp down on its targets; Still, this was annihilated by Sukuna during the course of the fight against Megumi. Out of all the shikigami, Max Elephant has the highest amount of cursed energy needed to summon him and is a humongous creature that can either stomp on opponents or shoot gallons of water from its trunk. 

A more diversionary use is also observed in the shikigami known as the Rabbit Escape which summons a group of small rabbits that can be used as a decoy while the actual user attempts to flee from enemies.

Round Deer is one of the strongest shikigami a user can have, able to reverse cursed techniques to heal, or dispel any objects an opponent may have enhanced with cursed power. For more offense, Piercing Ox can dash towards an enemy in a straight line with remarkable speed, and the distance it covers translates to the power that it can generate.

Last but not the least, the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga is the most powerful shikigami related to the Ten Shadows Technique and even the Zenin clan has never been able to tame it. It holds the sword of Extermination, the sword blade has been imbued with light energy. Apart from that, the most terrifying feature of this shikigami is the fact that it learns all the moves of the opponent and nullifies all their moves, meaning that no move can be repeated.

The Ten Shadows Domain Expansion Technique

Chimera Shadow Garden is the Domain of the Ten Shadows Technique, however, its full potential wasn’t shown in series, and Megumi still can’t control It properly. When activated, the surrounding of the user is surrounded by many fluid shadows, which can be used to summon shikigami when necessary. When Megumi first activated it, the Domain Expansion will be an incomplete one since his cursed energy is not as strong as others, and he didn’t have the proper training to use the sure hit function properly. However, this significantly improved his shadow manipulating ability which enabled him to make use of his shadow to create doppelgangers of himself. Also, he was able to make more Shikigami as seen when he challenged the Finger Bearer cursed spirit.

Ten Shadows Domain Expansion Technique

Chimera Shadow Garden has a closed barrier which keeps the target locked in the shadow user’s area. The whole environment turns negative toned, there is a huge structure which looks like segments of a spinal bone coming from the ceiling but disappears after the Domain starts. For those who find themselves trapped inside the Domain, their feet shall need to be fortified with dark forces or else they shall be dragged into the indefinite darkness of liquid shadows between them.