Sukuna’s Twin and the Birth of Yuji Itadori Explained, Jujutsu Kaisen’s Greatest Mystery Revealed

At the end of the chapter 257 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, it was revealed that there was a mysterious connection between Sukuna and Yuji Itadori. The fandom has long been waiting for the revelation of these facts, and this new information completes the story and makes it more meaningful.

Sukuna and Yuji have been linked to one another since the first Jujutsu Kaisen episode. Although pretty much everyone would have died when they consumed Sukuna’s finger, Yuji lived and even to a certain extent could suppress the King of Curses. Nobody knew for sure why Yuji could do that, and everybody had his own hypothesis, until the truth was finally revealed. 

Yuji is the child of the reincarnation of Sukuna’s twin brother, Jin Itadori’s, and his mom who was Kenjaku’s host body.

A Tale of Twins: Sukuna’s Other Half

This chapter presents a flashback of a discussion between Sukuna and Uraume during Gojo’s hollow purple on the rooftop. During their conversation, Uraume asks why Yuji Itadori was special to Sukuna because while she had laughed at him before, there was something about the boy that was similar to Sukuna. 

The King of Curses says this to her, specifying that he is Kenjaku’s son and that Kenjaku wouldn’t keep a child for no reason.

Next is Sukuna’s statement that Kenjaku also had a kid with the reincarnation of his twin brother. 

He mentions how he ate the twin brother in the womb when he was hungry else would have starved to death because his mother could not afford to eat. 

Yuji from JJK

Moreover, it is revealed by Sukuna that he was disregarded by both his parents, which explains how he found himself on this road towards the King of Curses.

The Sukuna reveals that his twin’s soul used to drifting about through centuries, being randomly reincarnated over and over. 

However, Sukuna gives nor explanation neither about how Sukuna’s twin’s soul ended up inside of Itadori Jin neither about who has performed this action. Nevertheless, it is very probable that this has something to do with Kenjaku.

The Curse of Twins: Twins and Their Ominous Significance in the Jujutsu Universe

In the jujutsu community the twins are considered very ominous and portentoius. When twins are born into a family of jujutsu, they will never develop themselves to their maximum capacity. The twins’ Mai and Maki Zenin exhibits what it means to be a twin from the moment they were born.

Maki could not grasp the full force of the restriction on her heavenly power as she still had the cursed energy in her body. Mai could use divine technique a day at a maximum due to her weak energy levels and so it would be useless to.

Basically, Sukuna eating his twin in the womb is one of the reasons why he is so powerful. Conversely, it might also be the complete opposite in that the act of him consuming his twin is what ultimately kills him off, the very circumstance which yielded the existence of Yuji Itadori. Sukuna’s twin’s reincarnation led them up and down for a while until they found Jin Itadori. Jin put together with Kenjaku, who had invaded Yuji’s mother’s mind, formed a person who possessed the ability to finally exterminate Sukuna. Yuji was born a vessel for the King of the Curses, but he was a lot more than that.

Although we still have some mystery concerning Sukuna’s twin. If Kenjaku just kept searching and ended up having a lucky shot by chance of finding and placing Sukuna’s twin soul into Itadori, or if it just happened to be randomly provided to Jin. The bloodline of Itadori is something weird, too. What about Itadori’s bloodline? Are they the direct descendants of Sukuna? If it were to be like this, then the reason behind inserting Sukuna’s twin’s soul in Jin Itadori would be clear.

Yuji’s Connection to Sukuna’s Legacy

In this way, Yuji is a son of Sukuna’s twin’s reincarnation, but what is the essential of that? On the first hand, it fully clarifies the mystery that Yuji is the only one who is able to control Sukuna inside him whereas no one else could do it. 

He is a person who supposed to serve as Sukuna’s vessel, but it is it also that deducts the fact that he had been able to consume the death womb paintings.

As the chapter continues, the reader finds out that Yuji could manage to use the other cursed technique of Sukuna, namely the shrine, and manipulation of blood as well. Gojo predicted that Yuji will shortly uncover the cursed technique of Sukuna, but now he uses two cursed techniques: he gets Sukuna’s shrine technique and the Fuga flame from him.

One can observe that Sukuna and Yuji gradually share many similar physical appearance, techniques and abilities and this is strange but their powerful bond through Kenjaku and Sukuna’s twins explain why they’re so similar.