Sukuna’s Downfall: King of Curses Top 6 Weaknesses In JJK

The King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna is certainly the most powerful individual in the entirety of Jujutsu Kaisen and the primary antagonist of the series. Sukuna has reached the pinnacle of Jujutsu Sorcery, and few can match up to him and combat, if any.

Sukuna has its powers that are greater than those of all his enemies. What is more, the longer he is fighting, the stronger he becomes. Overcoming him is very challenging for many reasons, first of all, he does not show any weaknesses at all. That said, there are some small weaknesses that Sukuna has that can be exploited by others in an attempt to defeat him in combat.

Angel’s Technique Extinguishment: A Shared Vulnerability Among Sorcerers

One of the biggest weaknesses that Sukuna has comes from Angel’s Technique Extinguishment. Sukuna almost became a victim of this technique during the Culling Game arc.This way the Sukuna can be erased from anyone’s body so that when it was used on him while he was in the body of Megumi, it almost killed him.

Angel's Technique Extinguishment: A Shared Vulnerability Among Sorcerers

At that stage, the author had to find a reason to make Angel stupid enough and let Sukuna survive. Then Sukuna deceived her into thinking that Megumi had come back, and when she believed him, he attacked her through a stray attack, avoiding the cursed technique.

In the Shinjuku Showdown arc, Yuta fought against Sukuna again, and Sukuna was again identified as the target for Jacob’s Ladder. In the same way, this second time, Sukuna would definitely die, but Megumi that has to do battle against Sukuna would never let him do that. 

However, Sukuna wouldn’t stand a chance without his plot armour. He would be easily swallowed by the deception of Jacob’s Ladder.

Split Soul Katana: A Weapon of Dual Nature, Wounding Both Body and Soul

The Split Soul Kitana represents the third tier in the JJK universe, which is considered to be one of the most powerful cursed tools. This weapon was his most reliable asset. Toji Fushiguro used this in most of the fights. While Mai was sacrificed, she created a duplicate of the Split Soul Katana and became her blade spirit as well.

This blade now belongs to the sister who inherited the skill of using it, namely, Maki Zenin. Maki has already given a deadly blow to Sukuna with the Split Soul Katana and she was penetrating his heart through that blow and this has caused unimaginable suffering to Sukuna.

Split Soul Katana: A Weapon of Dual Nature, Wounding Both Body and Soul

 That’s why healing the damage caused by this sword is next to impossible, and even more so for the unlucky ones as it bypasses all the defences by neglecting them directly and doing damage to your soul. But on the other hand those who can see the edge of their lives can cure, and Sukuna in Megumi’s body with two minds can do that.

Certainly, being slashed continuously with the Split Soul Katana would be more than just terrible injuries for Sukuna to ignore.

Yuji Itadori’s Smackdowns: He Hits Harder Than Your Ex, Even Damages Souls

Yuji Itadori is exactly the same, perhaps even more so than the Split Soul Katana. Although he lacks any physical limitation, Sukuna any wound Yuji delivers is directly transfused to the soul. 

With each punch from Yuji, Sukuna’s very soul receives a shock, and the King of Curses confirmed that the Yuji’s continually splinted the cursed energy output and diminished his control over Megumi’s body.

Yuji Itadori's Smackdowns: He Hits Harder Than Your Ex, Even Damages Souls

In the majority of cases, Yuji is the complete antidote to the Sukuna, and this power that he has, which somehow is not explained in the story so far, is one the of the biggest shortcomings of the King of Curses.

Bound by Rules: Sukuna’s Containment Under Specific Conditions

Another noticeable limitation of Sukuna is that he can be suppressed, but only in specific conditions. Suppression of Sukuna can be achieved only through two ways i.e, enabling it to take over Yuji’s body, or the body that he’s inhabiting, actively struggling with it.

Taking control of Yuji’s body wasn’t as easy as it seemed for him. Therefore, he sat in a perfectly fit enough vessel for him which was Megumi.

Since Yuji was able to suppress Sukuna, that made Sukuna quite easily killable, but that process would also cost Yuji. Nevertheless, as it happened once when he moved to Megumi, the weakness never existed after, and it was mostly because Megumi had lost all the will to live.

Split In Fingers: Maybe If We Kept ‘Em Apart, Sukuna Would’ve Stayed Put

Additionally, Sukuna’s major weakness in the initial stage of the story was that his soul was split into fingers. This greatly weakened Sukuna, and his real resurrection would have been easily prevented if appropriate measures were taken at the moment.

Split In Fingers: Maybe If We Kept 'Em Apart, Sukuna Would've Stayed Put

Besides eliminating Sukuna at the most strength, it could have been done at less strength through his fingers. Sadly, there was no exploitation of this one huge weakness of his since most of the reasons are the ones that made people not take advantage.

Even though Sukuna is the most powerful being in the whole series, you cannot say that he is the smartest one among them. One of his biggest strengths is that he has an extremely high battle IQ, nonetheless, there is room for improvement.

What will happen to Sukuna is totally certain—he will be saved by how strong and clever the enemy becomes when he encounters just one department where he is just an ordinary human being. This mistake of his can be grasped and utilised by his enemies. Of course, this might be so further down on the road.