Nanami Kento’s Technique: A Breakdown of the Ratio Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen

The Jujutsu Kaisen universe is filled with numerous cursed techniques and they give jujutsu sorcerers the ability to fight malicious cursed spirits or other curse users. Up to now the series has delved quite much into inherited techniques like the Gojo Family’s Limitless or the Zenin Family’s Ten Shadows Technique or the Inumaki Family’s Cursed Speech or the innate techniques like Nobara Kugisaki’s Straw Doll Technique, Suguru Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation etc.

For instance, the Limitless and Cursed Spirit Manipulation were explored at the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 that went back to Satoru Gojo’s days in Tokyo Jujutsu High. Another inherent skill that has been featured quite often in the series up to this point is the Juzamji Kaiho that is associated with the Grade 1 Sorcerer Kento Nanami who was once a junior to Satoru Gojo of the Jujutsu High School in Tokyo. This is called the Ratio Technique and is exclusive to Nanami, by which he can hit the curse at its weak spots, thus inflicting a massive amount of damage to curses.

Ratio Technique Explained

When implemented by Nanami, the Ratio Technique makes it possible to cut a target into tenths. On striking said target at exactly the point where the ratio is 7:3, they will be able to deliver a critical hit. This is the meaning of the “Ratio” in the technique’s name, as the 7:3 point is actually the loser and each of the three points mentioned above should be treated as the target’s ‘Achilles heels’. 

As for combat, Nanami wields a crude sword that is sheathed in a cloth with black stains on it. The sword itself is relatively short and has a wooden hilt at the end which Nanami uses single-handedly all the time.

In addition to this, Nanami also has a tie that has the same pattern while he occasionally uses it to cover his fists as a means of applying the technique. Nanami has mastered this technique, though he can easily take out curses that are of considerably larger size than him. In general, the technique’s concept is quite simple, however it is multi-faceted and versatile, which allowed Nanami to reach the level of a Grade 1 Sorcerer.

For example, this enables him to dish out incredible amounts of attack power to much stronger foes while not exerting anywhere near as much force as would be required if the technique did not exist. He can use this even merely on an opponent’s limb rather than apply it on the opponent’s entire figure. Nanami can also use the technique as an ultimate technique by cutting apart anyone below him in a single blow, and even on objects.

How Nanami Utilizes the Ratio Technique

Together with super-strength, agility, durability, strategic thinking, and analyzing abilities of Nanami, the Ratio Technique is more than just a dangerous option for an opponent because it ignores his strength and endurance. His swordsmanship at the peak and the implementation of the high cursed energy to focus on the crucial aspect of the Ratio Technique as to why he is highly efficient in countering cursed spirits and curse users of various ranks, observed in the later battles with Dagon and Haruta Shigeno.

He can easily cut and obliterate high level curses with only his blunt sword due to the critical damage that the technique can inflict at the 7:3 point of ratio change. Not even Special Grade curses would stand a chance against the likes of Nanami due to the expertise this character has over this technique. This could be seen in his fight against Mahito, where he was able to cut through the cursed spirit’s arm, despite it being hardened through cursed energy.

While Nanami was in a vulnerable position against Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration, he was still in relatively safe positions for most of the fight and got properly applying his own abilities to the fight, he was only put in real danger when Mahito’s Domain Expansion was applied to the situation.

Also, Nanami can apply the technique along with his Binding Vow “Overtime” that increases his cursed energy output up to 110% – 120 % of its initial value if he is not working for Jujutsu High after the regular business hours. This is quite in tune with his practical and nonchalant attitude he has towards his job. 

Nanami also made another Binding Vow with himself which gives him the ability to increase the curse energy of an attack. Binding Vow: “Revealing One’s Hand,” is a typical curse technique employed by most jujutsu sorcerers, and in this, the user is forced to explain a certain skill that they posses to their opponent and make it possible for them to hit the opponent as hard as they possibly can with the following blow.

Waking up his Binding Vows allows Nanami to perform the Extension of his Ratio Technique, “Collapse,” in which he can generate an essential spot in his surroundings. In this point, it just disintegrates the entire area, which he once did in the fight against Mahito, where he brought the cursed spirit in the underground tunnel and used that point to fire and bury the cursed spirit among all the dust and debris created from the blast. 

Mahito was so impressed by Nanami’s abilities that he began to call him the “7:3 Sorcerer” after this encounter.