Maki Zenin's Greatest Hits

Maki Zenin’s Greatest Hits: Eight Times She Totally Slayed in Jujutsu Kaisen

By the many examples of sorcery in the story Jujutsu Kaisen we can see that it is not an easy job at all but rather it is full of different obstacles. It is twice as difficult for the sorcerers that are still young and the newbies should gather a lot of experience and practice, but they are already pushed into this harsh and unforgiving place. Despite of that, nothing can come close to the hardships people like Maki Zenin are confronted with.

Maki came into the world without being born with the cursed energy. It was also the fact that she was just merely a regular human and not a wizard as other sorcerers were. She was born into family of sorcerers so from birth she had pressure and it was impossible to satisfy their fantasies. Despite that, Maki made herself one of the best sorcerers among the youth and achieved many things that were beyond imagination, which gave her a chance to be referred to as a lucky one.

The Strong Spirit: How She Stayed Determined and Survived Through the Mess

Maki’s misfortunes began with her birth as her parents abandoned her at birth. Being not a family member of sorcerers and to being without any cursed energy was insufficient to her. Nevertheless, their clan was also the most primitive among all others.

This and the fact that she was a woman born in a clan that preferred men was the one thing that contributed to many abuses, both emotional and physical. In her eyes, she couldn’t meet the challenges her family imposed on her. 

She received responses from her relatives, saying she was a no use failure case, especially her father who blamed everything on Maki, as she wasn’t fit to take over the clan. Through all these, Maki never lost sight of her goal and did not let the abuse overcome her. She kept from losing hope and never gave up.

Power of Skill Over Energy, Achieving Battle Techniques and Perfection

There is no need to mention that mentally standing straight and believing was just a bridge to the success. Maki started realizing that sorcerers were not all that bad after all and that she had to earn their respect by matching sorcerers on an equal footing with them. Beside the extensive training, Maki reached the degree of powerful fight. Not only did she acquired a powerful strategic mind that was sharper than a sword, but she could skillfully counter a wide range of curses and confront her enemies with ease.

Power of Skill Over Energy

She utilised things like cursed weapons and techniques bringing a new perspective to Otogizōshi with her own fluidity. A very essential facet of her being is the fact that she is heavenly restricted and as a result, she cannot see the curse. 

Although Maki wears glasses conventionally, they are in reality a cursed device that provides her with a deficiency-compensating power and enables her to perceive curses, which is an essential skill for fighting.

Yuta’s Mentor: Turning a Sorcerer Wannabe into the Real Deal

Maki, who is not a natural mentor, still had to show a role model to the little ones. Besides her fellow sorcerers, Toge Inumaki and Panda, Maki had to teach. Maki didn’t like Yuta at first. She did not trust him and was hard in their arguments, showing her tough appearance. These behaviours, as time went on, gave Yuta a hard coming to her unusual nature.

But, this gradually changes when she and Yuta have to battle dangerous curses together. Maki begins to open up to Yuta Okkotsu about the reality of the Jujutsu world and then the situation where she sees him at work and later, she realizes his true force and his given strength, as she mentions later. 

This bond later on, in the course of the friendship and their behavior, becomes a relationship of an extremely close level of friendship and trust.

The Clash with Dagon and the Enigmatic Resistance Against a Special Grade Curse

And just like all the other sorcerers, Maki’s power and hard work were investigated in Shibuya arc. Young as she was, Maki was engaged in the battle with the evil enemies that tried to kill her. Even though she was a close companion of many mighty sorcerers like Nanami Kento or Naobito Zenin, Maki still managed to showcase her potential despite getting injured by Jogo which was a real disaster.

The most evident occurrence is observed during the clash of Dagon, which can be counted as a special-grade destruction among Disaster Curses. Maki and her allies fell into the domain expansion of his grasp. However, she still could contest with Dagon and repel him, which made a small hole that Megumi used.

Reconciliation with Mai and the Art of Letting Go on Personal and Professional Development

The main problem in Maki’s life was that she had constant struggle with her twin sister, Mai zenin. Both had been born deficient in cursed energy, and this disrespected their ability to join the Zenin family. 

Maki and Mai were sisters, but for totally different characteristics. Maki was more courageous, whereas Mai was more terrified. She was dependent on Maki to repel cursed spirits. On the other hand, when Mai’s sister Maki decides to abandon the clan, Mai experiences this betrayal as it is something that she finds difficult to deal with.

During all the time-lines of Jujutsu Kaisen, Maki and Mai stayed apart and were opposing each other with their grudges. Despite all the difficulties, Maki and Mai protected each other and showed their resilience when their father tried to kill both of them. 

In the end, it was Mai that died in Maki’s embrace, but the two sisters were able to see eye to eye, as they both were committed to their goal to destroy the Zenin family.

Haunting Spirit of Naoya and the Terrifying Showdown with a Demon

One of the main tormentors of Maki was, of course, Naoya Zenin. A cold-hearted male sorcerer who was born into a curse but refused the help of female characters, mistreated her just because she was not born into the curse. Maki was the one who defeated him during her slaughter of the Zenin clan, but his mother was the one who gave the final strike.

After his death, as there was no cursed energy involving him, Naoya resurrected as a spirit avenging his own death in the Culling Games. As Maki and Noritoshi struggle, they come face to face with a horribly deformed Naoya who attempts to kill them. Yet, it was again only Maki, with her incomparable strength and cool sorcerer’s attitude, who was ready to fight the demon for her past, and destroy Naoya once and for all.

The Fall of a Clan and the Rise as the Ghost of Zenin

All the difficulties she had to endure and the abuse she received were from her own extended family members. At the beginning she tried to shield herself from the abuse and be an independent person not listening and reacting to their thoughtless words and behavior. However, after the appointment in Shibuya she went back to the clan as she was inspired by Toji’s actions, and switches into witnessing her sister’s soul being taken away.

The Fall of a Clan and the Rise as the Ghost of Zenin

The blood for the blood. Shaking, she turned the whole clan upside-down. And it brought her personal path to the end, as she killed the most of them including her parents and Naoya Zenin. 

Maki did prove she can stand her ground and defeat so many fighters which only showed her power and determination.

Battle with Sukuna and Defying Death in the Face of the King of Curses

Not all Sorcerers of the Jujutsu World have powers as great as Ryomen Sukuna, the King of the Curses. The power of Sukuna has been slowly growing along the episodes and unresolved in the battle with Gojo, the seemingly most powerful sorcerer in the whole world.

And, although Maki could not manage to kill the King of Curses with her, she still could prove herself by delivering a clever attacking method, provided that she understood some of his techniques. 

Along with Yuta and Yuji, Maki slows Sukuna down, this perfectly embodies her path, as she shows bravery, going against the most powerful enemy.