Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 262.2 Review: Yuta Fights Back Against Sukuna’s Domain

Spoiler Alert !!!

The wait is over! Yes, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 262.2 is here, and as expected fans could not wait to get back into the manga following its four-week break. Initially due to the sickness of the author, Jujutsu Kaisen had an unforeseen and an even longer hiatus. Fortunately, the series returns after a month of break! JJK chapter 262.2 has made every reader of the story excited and fans can only hope to welcome their favorite manga with a super chapter.

In regards to JJK chapter 263, you should know that it has been officially confirmed and will be released later this week. It also means manga fans can welcome their anime again though it will for sure be one which will meet and exceed all their expectations. With the confirmation of the release date now that means Yuta and Sukuna can go again aggressively and have an entertaining fight in Shinjuku.

Domain War 2.0! Yuta vs Sukuna Again

Because the previous chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen is short and raw, the fans predict that at least the next chapter can be similar in terms of treatment. JJK 263 could end up being a very short chapter and at the same time advance the growth of some aspects at a very fast pace. Where fans could have watched an even longer fight between the likes of Yuta and Gojo, the fight might be shortened in the next chapter.

That domain conflict has started only in the previous chapter and both the fighters have stated their objectives rather clearly. Similarly in the case of Sukuna, the objective is to continue applying pressure from the outer layer of the domain so that it cracks. Once that occurs, he is going to take over an even greater area and exterminate anyone who is within it.

If Sukuna can get through to Unlimited Void, this plan is almost certain to succeed. Instead, Yuta’s strategy is to be able to make enough damage on Sukuna from the inside so he will not be able to sustain Malevolent Shrine.

Domain War 2.0! Yuta vs Sukuna Again

If he does that, he can then give a clean sweep on the King of Curses and would push through a weakening blow in battle. Yuta can also win the battle in effect this way as well, although it is not the most conventional approach in any way. Fans will have to wait for the turn of this fight in the subsequent chapter; nevertheless, for the most part, they should continue to expect a fight within the domain. It will be mostly focused on cursed techniques and hand-to-hand combat, as was the previous chapter with the exception of the last chapter, of course.

Before that in Sukuna vs Yuta, where he shocked him by using domain amplification that he had deployed. Now, in JJK chapter 263, Yuta will be on duty, and supporters will be able to witness his more active participation in the battle using tricks like ‘Blue’, ‘Red’ and others.

Expect more rugged scenes within the domain, and there are also good chances Sukuna will be receiving a good deal of pressure in the upcoming episodes. Because Yuta was given only 5 minutes, before he, perhaps, gets to die, he has to do enough so that the fans are pleased with him.

Clues to Rika’s Fate in JJK 263

In the later part of the last chapter Rika was even shown crying in sadness. This will probably be discussed in JJK chapter 263 as well. The third is that I believe Rika will be involved in the plot in some way further on. At the moment she is emotional after losing Yuta. The preceding chapter more or less meant that while Yuta transfers to Gojo, Rika does not stay with him, at least not at the moment. She is more involved than Yuta’s own body and regards him as a dead person, hence she is mourning. If Yuta is allowed to be with his body and go to his body for eternity, then he will lose Rika forever as of the current situation.

If Yuta dies then so will Rika but if she will be alive then she will rampage in the battlefield and attack Sukuna if he is still alive. Thus, if Yuta remains in Gojo’s body, maybe Rika could also attempt to develop a bond with Yuta in some way. However, the future which is established here, could just as well be the one where Rika just dies as soon as Yuta does. Readers are again going to start speculating how the author will address this issue and going by the way it has been pointed out in the previous chapter, expect it to be heavily discussed.

Clues to Rika's Fate in JJK 263

Perhaps JJK chapter 263 may provide more understanding of such a fragile state. Perhaps, fans will only receive this answer once they have waited for 5 minutes that belong to Yuta. Because, after that 5-minute time, Rika cannot be fully manifested. The only possible outcomes are either she dies with him, Yuta, or she ends up finding Sukuna.

That there is a third possibility Although the probability of this might be slim. But if by some miracle Yuta gets back to his own body, Rika and he would live their happy lives or at least have a happy ending, though there are many anti-climactic endings in the series and in the JJK manga.

Yuta and Sukuna’s Domain Showdown Reaches its Climax

Assuming that the domain battle is expected to last for less than 3 minutes, it is very possible that fans shall be gifted with the result in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 263. This is especially true, in this case, if the author has to bring the story to a close quickly due to ill health. Audiences may not get to watch the fight that they wanted to see, they are provided with a small fraction of the blows being thrown and then the domain clash conclusion. If that is true, then readers may find out who from these two characters is going to be the victor of the encounter in JJK chapter 263.

But if the domain does break then the fans should know that Yuta will be left with something less than 2 minutes, thus he would be close to defeat.

In total, these 5 minutes could be enough to end this domain clash in the favor of Yuta if he is capable of delivering a solid Unlimited Void on Sukuna. It is apparent that he has vengeance on his mind, and even if the time is running out, the probability of him dealing that final axe blow increases. The viewers should expect to see Yuta deliver heavy blows to Sukuna through Gojo’s body using Unlimited Void and sufficiently debilitate the character in question to the point where his defeat becomes a reality before the clock runs out. In this way, Yuta Okkotsu will have contributed to the victory and either Sukuna will lose to him or Yuji and Todo will be able to defeat him after the end of the domain battle. 

JJK chapter 263 is going to be absolutely massive either way and fans will definitely get to see major advancements in regards to this massive fight.