Hajime Kashimo’s Cursed Technique

Explaining Hajime Kashimo’s Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen has been on the lips of many fans in the anime community, especially with both the anime adaptation and manga are adapting some of the most thrilling arcs simultaneously. In chapter 236, we saw the final moments of what seemed to be Satoru Gojo dying at the hands of Sukuna. Not only was the fight electrifying, but we also got to see the next combatant enter the arena: Kashimo Hajime – Thunder God.

Kashimo for the first time appeared in Culling Game Arc when he fought against Kinji Hakari who is an elite student from Jujutsu High. While we learned that his Cursed Energy type is Electricity, he never employed his Cursed Technique on Hakari because he wished to utilize it solely on Sukuna.

Hajime’s Cursed Technique

Chapter 237 was finally here and got to see his Cursed Technique as well as get his dream come true and now that we have a somewhat clear idea of what he can do, it is time to explain his powers and collect all the data we gather about the character on this page, so sit tight and get ready, because it is time to charge!

Explaining Hajime Kashimo’s Electricity Cursed Energy

Kashimo Hajime is a Jujutsu Sorcerer who is from the past, the precise time is not stated but by looking at him one can tell that he is from an older generation. Born some 400 years ago he is another Sorcerer Reborn, or someone who voluntarily signed up to be part of the Culling Game. His only desire was to fight Sukuna and that is what Kenjaku used to lure him to the current generation.

Arguably, he is one of the most powerful Sorcerers the world has ever seen; he defeated hundreds of challengers without much of a fuss. He is as basically as Kenpachi, who lives to fight. What made him even more dangerous than other user of Cursed Energy, was the fact that his type of Cursed Energy was Electricity.

The electrical characteristic of this cursed energy keeps his body charged with electricity at all times. What this does is make Hajime’s physical attacks powered up by the cursed energy unescapable since his punches stun the target upon contact.

He is also capable of shooting lightning strikes that are even stronger and can result in devastating effects.

He does this simply by splitting the electric charges on his own and making his cursed energy go from positive to negative charges, thus performing a big strike. These are close-range punches that touch the enemy and are guaranteed to hit the opponent without having to use Domain Expansion.

Kinji Hakari Faces Off Against Hajime Kashimo

Despite the fact that Kinji Hakari had an infinite amount of cursed energy at the time, his lightning strike was able to put him completely off guard where his arm was sliced off. Yet, it is not possible for him to use it again and again as it requires some time to get charged up.

He also can launch lightning strikes simply by using Nyoi the staff as a console. It is a cursed item that can transmit the electric properties of his cursed power and can be also used as a regular staff to strike foes. He used it to slash off Hakari’s abdomen.

The way he manages his electrifying cursed energy is just perfect. In the course of the battle with Hakari, when he fell into seawater, he saw that he had an advantage because of water conductivity. He can perform almost any chemical reaction that involves the use of electricity since he was able to perform electrolysis on the salt in order to produce chlorine gas, which was known to be poisonous to humans.

Kinji Hakari Faces Off Against Hajime Kashimo

Not only does Kashimo also have a high intellect when it comes to fighting, he managed to hold his own against Hakari’s Cursed Technique Private Pure Love Train and Domain Expansion Idle Death Gamble, and also managed to understand the use of Pachikno’s technique as well. Even without using his Innate Technique, Kashimo managed to force Hakari to the edge.

Talking about his Cursed Technique, when Hakari asked why he didn’t use it against him in the battle, Kashimo replied that he could only use it once before dying and said that he had kept it reserved only for one combatant, Ryomen Sukuna.

And it was his turn to fight after the death of the strongest sorcerer of the present, Satoru Gojo. In chapter 237, he finally showed his Cursed Technique which he had been hiding for quite a long time.

Just after Gojo’s death, he jumped into the fight and felt that it was the perfect moment for him. Sukuna on the other hand did receive the Cursed Tool Kamutoke (Supreme Martial Solution) which had been made out of a Binding Vow that Yorozu had made in exchange for her life.

It has been one thousand years since Sukuna used the cursed tool and it was an item that had the ability to discharge electricity. 

Kashimo’s Cursed Technique: Everything You Need to Know

And now you may wonder who is the master of electricity? Kashimo had no chance of being harmed by Sukuna’s weapon since he had built his own defense mechanism of being immune to electric attacks.

It was then that he unleashed his cursed technique: Mythical beast: Amber I Abstract The paper presents Amber, A Mythical Beast. A big unusual cat who is an integral part of the story and an important character at the same time.

As the above panel states it rebuilds his flesh to display phenomenon that he transmutes from curse energy. This I suppose translates into the fact that his body is cloned completely with electricity.

The panels that follow state that in addition to that his agility is enhanced because of increased electrical signals in the brain.

In addition, sound vibrations that resonate with the substances and electromagnetic waves that vaporize the object irradiated by the curse technique are demonstrated in his body when the curse technique is triggered.

Kashimo's Cursed Technique

If those terms are too fancy to digest, it merely indicates that from his feelings to his physical and electric reactions, they are far, far bigger. He has the ability to fire strong sound waves that can produce shock waves. Moreover, his movements were so quick that even Sukuna could not try to get closer to him.

Although his power is fascinating to witness, we must remember what he said before: the most important thing is that he can use his power only once.

This is because the constant chemical reactions and phenomenon that is taking place to reconstruct him demeans his flesh and once the cursed technique is over then his flesh will crumble.

The Battle Between Sukuna and Kashimo

Sukuna was overwhelmed by his own powers and as a result, he transforms and shows his true form! Kashimo must have seen his dream becoming true before he was killed.

Sukuna used hand-to-hand combat and the fans also learned that he is able to chant with one set of hands while fighting at his best with another set of hands. This meant that he could use cursed techniques such as no other person could ever could.