Gojo's Epic Domain Expansion

Breaking Down Gojo Satoru’s Epic Domain Expansion: Unlimited or Infinite Void

It would also be hard for beginners in the show to comprehend what Satoru’s power is. Here, we’ll try to understand his strongest and biggest asset; domain expansion: Unlimited or Infinite Void.

Satoru Gojo is the all-time favorite who needs no description, because waiting for this release, you probably fall in love with his looks! Being the most handsome and charismatic among the sorcerers, Satoru also has a power that no other can match in the series. But actually, he is the strongest sensei!

Here, we’ll try to understand his strongest and biggest pull-out; Domain Expansion: Unlimited or Infinite Void.

Gojo’s Domain, a power that combines both his strongest skills, the Six Eyes and the Limitless ability.

What Are Satoru Gojo’s Incredible Abilities?

Besides, the Six Eyes and Limitless are the inborn abilities that Satoru gained from the Gojo clan family. It is apparent that he is the first person who has been born with both of these abilities in the last 400 years even in the Gojo clan.

With the Limitless ability one can display full supremacy over space. With all the attacks Gojo has displayed so far he is using limitless ability.

Satoru Gojo’s Incredible Abilities

However, we know little about Six Eyes. It seems to be a kind of sensory function allowing us to view the whole picture without any blind spots. Moreover, he is able to read and dispel cursed techniques and cursed energy by the use of his Six Eyes. Through this, he can make the most efficient use of his cursed energy. This narrows the wastage of cursed energy to the point that he has enough to go on endlessly.

Now we have the background, we proceed to the domain next.

Capabilities of Unlimited or Infinite Void

Besides Gojo’s domain, it is known by many names. Infinite Void (manga), Immeasurable Void (film) and Unlimited Void (anime). Do not wear hats! For everybody it is the same! A person or a curse trapped in the Unlimited Void is mentally disabled by an overflow of information and stimuli, in consequence, they are paralyzed. Or been the victim of it! Or be harassed like Jogo!

I will explain this by looking at Gojo vs Jogo (Mnt. Fuji) fight as a case study.

When Gojo expands his domain, Jogo exclaims first this way; “What??! I am not seeing anything… I am not feeling anything…No. I can see everything!! I can feel everything!! Without a doubt, the information realm is infinite!! And thus, I am left with only one option, “I can’t do anything!”

Jogo was having a difficult time comprehending the situation here. Initially, he could not process anything, therefore it was like there was nothing left to him. However, he suddenly became aware of the fact that his brain was trying to elaborate too much on everything, hence he found himself completely incapable of doing anything.

Capabilities of Unlimited or Infinite Void of Gojo in JJK Manga

This isn’t quite right. According to Gojo, this theory is nothing but the actions of the mind in a man’s life due to which he continues to receive information and communicate all throughout. Basically, what Gojo intimates here is that one does not have an unlimited store of information that he keeps repeating over and over so many times that he can’t even think of whether it’s his own or not. Below, the translation note explodes the core of the issue.

It clearly declares that Jogo is not able to think about the objects in front of him; he’s forced to think about his first thought continuously. So this is symbolized as “A”. Exactly as the last lines of the notes state, the victim begins to feel like they can see everything.

Gojo generates an illusion of some kind so that his opponents are overwhelmed by too much data, feeling like they are being subjected to limitless information whereas in reality he is only exercising the advantages of his ability which involves both perception and the manipulation of matter, making it seem as if there is infinite information. 

Gojo also has the ability to alter matter to form infinite amounts of finite space just like he can stretch a finite amount of info to make it infinite.

In its first imitation, it is a true likeness of Gojo sensei’s Six Eyes. In the middle of all this, the brain is trying to get a hold whatever data is being fed to it. It knows it has to feel as well as to communicate this data to the body. However, before the body can move or respond, some more information takes place in which another communication wave occurs. In this way, the loop never ends by the body being unable to move.

Instances of Gojo Expanding the Unlimited Void in Combat

By the end of these two arcs, Gojo only got to use his domain expansion on two occasions. The first time it was used against Jogo was in chapter 15 of the manga (Episode 6 of the anime) Here, Gojo Sensei showed it to Yuji Itadori to make it clear what a domain is and how strong he can make his students.

About the second time when Gojo was present during the Shibuya Incident Arc, you came to know why he is considered the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer. Beside Gojo, who was at the subway station surrounded by non-sorcerers and a pile of transfigured humans and three Special-Grade Curses; he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do.

Instinctively, Satoru decided that non-sorcerers could handle such a small amount of 0.2 seconds. At the end of 0.2 seconds, he could stop expanding his domain to prevent long-lasting consequences. 

Instances of Gojo Expanding the Unlimited Void in Combat

In these 0.2 seconds, all of the people were flooded with facts that are equal half a year (it’s not everything about the world, it was the same internal reasoning process repeated a lot of times and the general amount of information that a human brain can grasp takes up about six months).

In merely 0.2 seconds his power was potent enough to put all the transfigured humans to sleep for a short time-period of a few minutes; during which Gojo killed them all. In Particular he stated that he needed only 299 seconds to rip them apart.

Drawbacks of Unlimited Void

For Satoru the Unlimited Void is always a victory. This is not inside the case of external factors involved though. Crowded places are the biggest negative point and the best example of it from JJK is Shibuya Arc.

Bunched with other non-sorcerers in a train station where I felt like being a stranger.Those 0.2 seconds meant those impacted by the disaster had to go to a therapist for two months before they were allowed to resume a normal life!

There is absolutely no doubt Void Space is a hazard even to sorcerers and therefore Gojo can’t use it in a populated place. Surely, it doesn’t have any other downside; this ability is the one true definition of OP. 

Overpowering this realm was only possible if the cursed energy output was more than Satoru’s. The manga later shows that Otokoshi has the potential to have more curse energy than Gojo. Nevertheless, do you think he will be able to overcome Gojo?

Therefore, what do you think about Gojo Satoru’s domain; the Unlimited Void? Do you like it? Too overpowered? Share your ideas in the comments, hope to hear from you!