Gojo’s Back, Baby! Breaking Down His Resurrection and Survival in JJK Chapter 260

From the wrap up of chapter 236, fans of Gojo have had one constant prayer – the comeback of their beloved character, even if it is in some other form now.

Gojo Satoru died. That was equally hard to take in. Of course, after his death, a lot of hypotheses appeared online about how the strongest sorcerer at the moment could not have died by a simple slash from Sukuna.

These hypotheses were refuted and mocked by the non-believers (I also belonged to this camp once), as the current sentiment was that Gojo had indeed passed.

However, the cunning of the one-eyed cat cannot be always counted on.

Here, somewhere, again like chapter 236, Akutami has staged probably the nastiest surprise in JJK 260 – Gojo Satoru certainly is already back in fighting again.

By the news, where the hosts of the One Piece variety show themed were amazed to see a chapter that editor Junya Fukuda was editing. It is my assumption that this is what they must have seen!

Is Gojo Satoru Alive or Just Playing Dead? Let’s Find Out!

First, let’s rewind and let’s go through the scenario!

Spoiler leaks from Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 260 that Gojo Satoru has risen and is again back to face Sukuna.

Nevertheless, an unforeseen shape appears beneath the settled dust in which the narrator states it to be the reflecting “ghost” of the strongest enemy Sukuna ever defeated.

Speaking of which, the character that portrays Gojo Satoru completely fits into the picture.

I believe that the word, Ghost was the metaphorical form of the narrator to mean that person. This is because, according to Sukuna, Gojo should not be alive!

Is Gojo Satoru Alive or Just Playing Dead? Let's Find Out!

And finally, a scene – an image depicting the half of the character’s face from above. I must say, he reminds me a lot of Gojo and his peculiar eye mark as well as the hair color. It’s a way of calling back to old times in which he, probably, has returned against Toji too.

The editor’s comments were like gasoline to the burning sensations. “It is impossible to ignore the eyes” adds to it.

Of course, it brings up a number of questions.

Sukuna had been the one to cut Gojo down with his world cutting slash. Since this is the key plot point, I am really curious about how Gojo managed to come back to life.

In the next chapter – we will get our answers! There is however nothing forbidding us from making some anticipations, though!!!

Gojo vs. Sukuna: How Did Gojo Pull off the Greatest Dodge of All Time?

Sukuna had finally managed to deal with that lethal cut and Gojo was literally cut in two by it. In the airport scene that followed, it seemed like Gojo had decided to ‘Go South’ meaning he was eager to die.

Yet, the portrayal of JJK 260 convinces the viewers that Gojo made a choice to proceed north or maybe even pushed since he was not the one who was supposed to make the decision.

Ui Ui & Shoko: Saving the Day, One Dramatic Entrance at a Time

In the latest chapters we have noticed that Ui Ui was an influential person in the struggle. His teleportation ability was also being used to evacuate the victims – those who have got hurt- far from Sukuna.

When Hajime Kashimo ran into the fight literally moments after Gojo got cut, a lot of fans noted that his body was no longer there. Eventually, we are seeing that Ui Ui was really lucky to get Gojo’s body back again.

With Shoko right next to him, more so than anyone else, he felt he had to be more careful. May be she has been a healer that Gojo needed deeply.

Nevertheless, the whole thing sounds very simple. However, whether it is simple or not is 10 times harder than apparently!

Ui Ui & Shoko: Saving the Day, One Dramatic Entrance at a Time

What bothered me the most was Gojo’s injury. It wasn’t something I could easily laugh away. Renewing your torso from the bottom of hours of struggle is far more challenging than healing the wounds of battle. I shall consider this as a scenario of inputting the enormous amount of cursed (unnatural) energy.

Of course, Utahime could have helped improve Shoko’s fluidity and speed, but could this just be a one-sided solution?

Although Gojo Satoru is involved in the same experiment, if his body isn’t able to accept the treatment, it can lead to serious consequences.

Supposing all of this works out smoothly, this could certainly be one of the options as to what Gojo was able to do to prevent Sukuna’s attack.

An Eye Lost: Gojo’s Got Some Serious Drama Going on with This Binding Vow Thing

The predominant and the very same theory in the fans since the binding vow has been the main explanation. This regards the theory that Gojo gave up his one of six eyes, which he traded for being able to restore his body.

The last visual from the chapter 260 of Jujutsu Kaisen narrating Gojo’s return appears to have elements which give more power to this theory because Gojo’s eyes had changed in it.

Gege often showcases lighter shades of the eyes in his characters all the time. Check it out below:

Moreover, in the chapter 260 panel, the eye shade is darker – thus, it illustrates whether he sacrificed the eye or the six eyes ability or it shows that he healed from his wounds by means of the sacrifice.

The main aspect which has contributed to this theory to be widely accepted is the foreshadowing done prior to this moment from the beginning of the novel. Remember Vivid Vice? The second appearance in season 1 of JJK?? That scene was all about foreshadowing and symbolic Gojo would lose his eye according to one of them.

Gojo from JJK

The sun is coming through from his left eye in the depicted scene. It seemed to them a foreshadowing that the loss of an eye will happen to Gojo at some point in the future!

The identical left eye was used implicitly for foreshadowing in the initial scene of the JJK video game as well.

It’s very easy to guess the same left eye was colored with dark shade while she is in JJK chapter 260 has been hinted that Gojo did sacrifice one eye, or ability to use all the six eyes in order to complete her resurrection!

To discard his six eyes, the way Gojo compromises, could mean that he is not the strongest anymore – yet such a scenario would be a perfect ending to the rhetoric proposed by Geto years back.

Quite the strange thing wasn’t it? Had he been Gojo Satoru because he was the strongest, or was he the strongest because he was Gojo Satoru?

Well, if Gojo indeed is back, then things are set to get a lot more interesting in the upcoming chapters!!