Gojo Satoru’s Limitless, Infinity, and Hollow Purple Abilities

Breaking Down Gojo Satoru’s Limitless, Infinity, and Hollow Purple Abilities

Gege Akutami, the talented one-eyed cyclops cat, chose some of the complex concepts about maths to be a foundation of Gojo powers. Is it breaking down too much for you!! No problem, we will try our level best to make it simpler!! And so, the question that you might be wondering is, what do Limitlessness and Infinity mean?

If you succeed to see what is beyond those ridiculous good looks of his; you will figure out that Gojo Satoru’s amazingly strong special ability “Limitless” is a little tricky to get around.

Gege Akutami, the genius cyclops one-eyed cat has devised some mathematically sophisticated ideas as the basis of Gojo’s powers. We will try to somehow simplify it or break it down for you!! So, what do you mean by “Limitless” and “Infinity”?

Jogo used to give his best trying but Gojo was always almost untouchable and had an invisible barrier that Jogo could not overcome. The indestructible shield that surrounds him, meaning that he cannot be physically nor spiritually hurt is called the Infinity by him and his opponents.

However, before we go into detail on infinity, we will need to mention the Limitless Cursed technique. In another words this makes Gojo to use Infinity.

The Idea of Limitless

Infinite (東方万年絆, Tōhō Manyoën Ibito, Limitless) is a unique cursed technique that originated from the Gojo family. By using this ability, he can bend space and time repeatedly. Similar to what Satoru tells Jogo, infinity is indeed real. He is currently just constructing it with his cursed technique.

By manipulating space on an atomic scale, Gojo is generating an endless amount of finite gap between him and his opponent. On the contrary, Satoru’s infinity is no more than a fantasy instead of an arithmetic sequence or series. The real number is absent from this equation, only the unknown that we get as an answer when we divide by zero is present. This is why its wording became synonymous with Limitless.

Infinity Can Be Mind-Boggling

Infinity is the balance of Limitless. It is not in itself a cursed technique. In contrast with the popular belief that Infinity is not the best defense, it defuses every possible attack. Notwithstanding the fact that Satoru was not facing Jogo, he was still suffering from the resistance that was happening in the back of his mind. Rather, Jogo was going slow the more it approached Satoru.

Gojou made the point on convergence and divergence to show the spirit on the change that was going on. In mathematics the division of a number will never get you zero no matter how much you do. However, this number grows smaller and smaller. The smaller it gets becomes even less each time.

Gojo Satoru’s Limitless

Agata Terajaki also depicts a more practical example of achilles and the tortoise in her manga. Achilles and the tortoise is a timeless paradox by ancient Greek philosopher Zenon. For those of you who don’t know, this is what the logic is in Britannica but I’m going to read it for you.

Saga of the Achilles Paradox

Achilles paradox, named after the 5th-century-BCE Greek philosopher Zeno, and one of the four paradoxes described by Aristotle in book of Physics. The paradox covers a race between a fast-footed Achilles and the plodding tortoise. The two start moving at the same time, but if the tortoise is originally given a head start and continues to move ahead, it will never be caught up by Achilles who can run as fast as he wants.

According to Zeno’s argument, it is necessary for Achilles to reach the point when the tortoise started from, which by then, the tortoise would have moved to the next point even if just for a small distance, thus the cycle continues.

Ok, I’ll admit, I felt like I was rambling for a bit there. Therefore, similar to the case of Achilles and the turtle never eliminating the gap, the gap between Satoru and his rival will keep shrinking until it becomes zero, but never be zero.

How Gojo Satoru Did It?

Thus, Gojo power goes beyond the finite in between him and enemy and multiplies them into the infinite small pieces. We will go back to the case of convergence where it does not matter, no matter how near Gojo is to his enemy, he will never reach zero distance away. Through the use of his Limitless, the gojo is able to separate the space.

In short, getting closer to Satoru means being more and more slumbering. Imagine yourself at the border between two worlds, celestial and terrestrial, with nothingness before you in every direction forever. The closer they get to Satoru, the more minute space they have to travel through, which increases the time to reach their destination.

The combination of the neutral state of Limitless with his six eyes technique allows Satoru to choose to be hit by only the selected objects. He can disassemble the object into its mass, composition, and speed determining how harmful it is to him.

Secrets of the Cursed Technique Lapse Blue

Gojo Satoru is good at Limitless and at the same time is able to manipulate space effectively because he has the control over cursed energy as well as Six Eye Technique. As we described before, the Infinity is just the state of Limitless in equilibrium.

With Gojo drawing power from the cursed energy, negative spaces are generated wherever he is, which result in the attraction or magnetism. This is known as the Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue. Gojo does that by getting objects close to each other and making them drag towards one another.

The power of this attraction or the magnetism depends on the quantity of the cursed energy that Gojo supplies to his technique. However, this method is not the easiest for Gojo and he says that precise control of cursed energy is a pain.

Gojo Satoru

Additionally, he cannot create a large Domain close to himself because then he may end up being affected by the backlash and not being able to control cursed energy.

However, in his fight against Toji, after experiencing a near death situation and understanding the very essence of Cursed Energy, Gojo is able to use the Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Azure Glow. This way he can transfer the limited amount of space at the event and create a point of attraction at one place.

By using Limitless along with the positive reversed cursed energy, Satoru is able to create a repelling force which is the Cursed Technique Reversal: Red. He smashed it across Jogo in the war.

Bereaving Satoru of the one and the only bond, Satoru unconsciously counts the moment of departure from infinity the last drop of infinite sorrow. Satoru calls it the divergence of infinity. By powering Limitless with reversed cursed energy instead of negative cursed energy, the effects of Cursed Technique Lapse: This is again blue but reversed resulting in repelling. Basically he is making infinity, which is usually something invisible, to be as explosive as an actual force.

Realities of Hollow Purple

However, putting together the actuality of both Blue and Red forms of Limitless, Gojo produces a fictional approach called the Hollow Purple. Employment approach represents the elimination of nothingness. When we talk about the scientific side of the story, any attack that involves particles with no mass will travel at a speed faster than light. This kind of attack is really hard to get away from.

Realities of Hollow Purple

The empty and hideout purple being Satoru secret weapon. Against some opponents who have already know about Blue and Red extensions of the limitless.

According to Gege Akutami, nobody besides Satoru Gojo is able to really utilize the limitless in the whole universe of Jujutsu Kaisen. Sensei definitely is the greatest of all time! We have covered Satoru’s Domain Expansion: Infinity in the Void to be mentioned in a separate article.

How do you guys think of Gojou Satoru’s powers? Have you left with few confusions about it? Shoot the questions in the comment section!!