Jujutsu Kaisen: True Power of Geto Suguru’s Domain Expansion Revealed!

It goes without saying that Geto Suguru is one of the most significant characters in Jujutsu Kaisen by now. Well, over the years, expectations have been treated to quite a lot of him, or more specifically, the worse side of him, the villain. In the Hidden Inventory arc, the audience was shown more of his beliefs and how he was raised to become the man that he is.

In Jujutsu Kaisen 0, he was the main villain of the story, and from Jujutsu Kaisen 1 onwards, his body was possessed by Kenjaku. He might have had different beliefs but no one can deny the fact that he is one of the most powerful sorcerers that the fans got to see in the story. 

However, one thing that fans have been debating about him is whether he had domain expansion or not. Fortunately, the answer to this question, which is rather important, has been provided already.

Gojo’s Equal? The Case for Geto Suguru’s Sorcery

Well, most of the questions that fans have regarding the abilities of Geto, as well as the domain expansion in general, were answered in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261. However, to get to his domain, the fans must pay attention to the strength of this individual and why readers should have predicted that he was going to perform a domain expansion. 

Geto was probably one of the major characters in the entire series and this might just be because he was exceptionally strong. Besides Gojo, he was also called the title of the strongest at one point in the series.

Gojo's Equal? The Case for Geto Suguru's Sorcery

In terms of strength, Geto was absolutely incredible. However, in the case of the fight with Toji, fans get to see an aspect of him that doesn’t get the same level of development and still perform amazingly well. This was before he even reached his prime as a sorcerer. 

He then rises up to be a Special Grade Sorcerer, something not many have attained in the show. In fact, it is incredibly rare to see Special Grade Sorcerers in JJK, with Gojo, Yuki, Yuta, and Geto being the only characters who possess this rank.

All other three characters have potent domain expansions and for Geto not to include a domain expansion would have definitely been awkward. Special Grades are thought of as being ‘special’ or ‘better’ than any other standard grade. Even domain expansions from a lower ranked individual have been observed by the fans and when Geto has one it doesn’t really raise eyebrows.

Geto’s Domain Expansion Empowered By His Womb Technique

Now, readers probably might need to know the time when the story emphasised that Geto had a domain expansion. These were clues that were recurring in the story, but it was in JJK chapter 261 that it was more or less established to the fans. Ever since Yuta imitated the ability of Kenjaku and merged into Gojo’s body, he gets straight into action. 

From the moment he stepped on the field, he showcased the potency of his domain expansion, and this time, it is not the Authentic Mutual Love of Kugisaki but the Unlimited Void of Gojo. This is essentially a confirmation that Yuta can use all powers of Gojo, including the Domain Expansion, and that he does not have his own techniques activated within Gojo’s body.

As an example, when Kenjaku possessed Geto, the two of them shared equitable access to Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation, an ability that Kenjaku clearly used optimally. However, when Kenjaku exposed his domain expansion in JJK chapter 205, of course fans also attribute this to him. 

However, it was this domain that was rightfully owned by Suguru Geto himself. In other words, Womb Profusion is Geto’s domain expansion. This domain expansion was just being used by Kenjaku, so the original owner is still Geto.

Thus Fans have witnessed this incredibly powerful domain expansion being showcased on only a single occasion in the story, which places it along with some of the best. Kenjaku faced off against Yuki and this domain expansion was the deciding factor in the fight and he was able to land fatal strikes on her.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most impressive domain expansion performances fans have witnessed in the series, and it being attributed to Geto only adds to the grandeur. Due to the themes of this domain expansion and how this one works, the fans should not have been surprised to find out that this domain expansion belonged to Geto instead of Kenjaku.

It has nothing to do with Kenjaku’s technique and is very close to the Maximum Uzumaki that Geto had. In that sense, it is still quite obvious that this domain expansion is associated with Geto.

Womb Profusion: A Domain Expansion That Redefines Power

Regarding sheer power, fans also realise that Womb Profusion is one of the most potent domain expansions out there. Indeed, it could even be argued that it is one of the best that the story has offered up in its time. In other words, this emerging of the new domain forms a huge pillar which appears to be consisting of souls or the corpses of the dead, then no matter how one turns them they look very repulsive. 

Finally, the energy is focused to a highly intense level, releasing it at a target as a guaranteed shot. As for how it operates, it is practically the same as Maximum Uzumaki as was stated above. This is perhaps one of the reasons why it was somewhat expected that this domain expansion belonged to Geto.

Womb Profusion: A Domain Expansion That Redefines Power

Of course, since it is a domain expansion it has a sure-hit attack which deals a lot of damage to everyone in its vicinity. Indeed, not even Yuki who is as strong as a sorcerer could face a powerful blow and hold it with dignity.

Moreover, this domain expansion can be done while keeping a barrier intact that may be necessary for other reasons. It is one of the few Domain Expansions that, unlike Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine, can be used while the barrier is open.

It ranks among the most marvellous ones that fans have ever witnessed in the storyline. The open barrier domains can be compared to an artist drawing with a paintbrush in thin air and using this as the drawing board. 

That is what makes it very special and it just goes to prove that Geto had his domain expansion and techniques at a very professional level. Not even Tengen was able to navigate this domain expansion at first when Kenjaku fought against Yuki.

Unfortunately, people will never know how efficient Geto was with the use of this technique. Still, in future works, the author may turn to his fans to give some details as to his strength when he was at his best and ask if this powerful domain could be applied in any other way.

For now, fans of Geto will have to live only knowing that it has been more or less explicitly stated that Womb Profusion was Geto’s domain expansion and not Kenjaku’s. 

This might be minor for some, but for others it’s absolutely massive and it can only make Geto even bigger as a sorcerer for many, and of course as a powerful and creative evil in the story as well.