Jujutsu Kaisen: Did Gege Akutami Run Out of Ink in Chapter 262?

The official release of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 262 happened and it turned out to be quite unexpected in many ways. This is because the plot didn’t even move forward much in this week’s chapter and that is due to the fact that this chapter was rather short. In fact, it might just be one of the shortest chapters in the series, if not the shortest of the short itself.

This has partly been due to the deteriorating health of the author who has suddenly fallen ill. Nevertheless, there are things that should be analysed in this chapter and others prepared for future books, which fans of the series are eagerly looking forward to. In summary, JJK chapter 262 was reasonable enough.

Yuta vs. Sukuna: The Rematch Begins!

It does not catch the attention of any fan as to why JJK chapter 262 focused a lot on the battle between Yuta and Sukuna. For those who have forgotten, Yuta went back to the fight and this time he is in possession of Gojo’s body. This was made possible by Yuta who was able to mimic Kenjaku’s cursed technique after he killed him. Subsequently, when he was defeated by Sukuna, Yuta employed his technique and transferred his soul to Gojo’s body instead. 

This was one major twist on the series that a number of viewers had not predicted to happen. When Gojo’s body was captured on the battlefield, everybody presumed that Gojo was back, although he had indeed come back as the physical avatar, it was later revealed that the real controller of the body was Yuta. With no words at all, Yuta expanded his domain, and of course, inside of Gojo, the domain was the Unlimited Void. In response to that, Sukuna also expanded his dominion again, and once again, the fans provoked a battle between Malevolent Shrine and Unlimited Void again.

Yuta vs. Sukuna: The Rematch Begins!

The JJK chapter 262 was centred fully on that clash of domains. This fight would have been really tough for Yuta if he did not see this domain at work against Unlimited Void earlier. However, Gojo had already provided an answer to tackling this domain. 

In other words, Gojo reduced the radius of the area he can control to a minimum, and this enabled him to reinforce the external shell to block Malevolent Shrine’s attacks for up to three minutes. Yuta did something similar, and he was confident that he could hold out for 3 minutes in Malevolent Shrine, especially since Sukuna was weakened.

Moreover, another interesting detail that could be mentioned is that Yuta actually switched with Gojo once during the story as well. This let him raise the level of barrier techniques and get used to the power of the Limitless cursed technique, of course, at the same time. On the whole, this was one of the very small pieces of information given in the chapter but now it has a lot of sense how Yuta can control this power as far as he did.

In the domain, people got to know that Yuta planned to eliminate the Malevolent Shrine and inflict damage on Sukuna before 3 minutes were complete and at that point, Yuta unleash Unlimited Void on Sukuna. 

At the same time, Sukuna wants to apply the same concept to Malevolent Shrine by raising the power output as well as its effective range so that he can break through Unlimited Void. After that he wants to increase his territory and then murder all the people around him at the same time. Of course, only one gets to be the winner in this domain war and it would be fun to see who it will be.

Since Yuta and Sukuna were both physically present inside the domain, engaging in combat, fans were able to witness a significant amount of close-quarter fighting in the chapter. Yuta attempted using the power of Blue; however, Sukuna was prepared and nullified the ability with domain amplification. 

This was quite an eye-opener for Yuta since he began to understand that Sukuna could do both at the same time, which is domain expansion and domain amplification. Therefore, he will be able to avoid the Limitless cursed technique power within the domain and Yuta will be in trouble.

Rika’s Grief Over Yuta

Despite the fact that we were mostly shown fighting in JJK chapter 262 in between Yuta and Sukuna, fans also received a very curious panel of Rika. Of course, fans were previously wondering if Rika would be by the side of Yuta in fighting Sukuna. This chapter in the series confirmed, however, that this is not to be the case. 

Rika is fully manifested, which is nice and dandy, but yes she is still confined to Yuta’s main body. In other words, it could translate into a relationship between the body and the soul; and therefore, Rika is mourning the real Yuta whose real body is a corpse.

Rika's Grief Over Yuta

She was holding up the corpse of Yuta and as she cried, her tears were splashing all over his face. At the moment, the idea is that this moment will turn out to be important later on. It allows for the possibility of Yuta coming back since otherwise, Rika and Yuta are just going to get a bad ending. At the same time, if what Yuta is saying actually comes true and he dies after 5 minutes, Rika would get angry and Sukuna could be in a lot of trouble.

As for what is going to happen to Rika from here on, that is too unpredictable and fans are going to have to wait patiently to see what happens from this point forward then. That is just the tip of the iceberg; JJK is most definitely going to be incredibly exciting moving forward. However, the fan will have to wait for quite some time to witness at least some progress in the story.

Health First! Gege Akutami Takes a Break, JJK Goes on Hiatus

The biggest surprise in this chapter was probably the size of the chapter. In total, this chapter had one double-page spread, and this chapter was about 7 pages long. Well, that isn’t very much, and, generally, one chapter comprises approximately 17 pages at most. It is pretty much clear that the Author is ill and he will require some time to rest before he can continue with his write up. 

As has been confirmed earlier in this article, Jujutsu Kaisen is going to return at the end of the month. Viewers have no choice but to go through the three weeks they have before them, the time can thoroughly be spent on the discussion of numerous topics and aspects in the series still untold.

The fans can only pray that upon the return of the series, the completion of the domain battle between Yuta and Sukuna happens or the series concludes this fight satisfactorily. Overall, the attack on Sukuna has become very long and now the reader wants to see the further development in some other manner. 

It should not be long before that happens, especially knowing that the author wants to complete the series by this year alone. Before anything else, however, the author should regain his energy and sleep well before proceeding to the rest of the story.