Breaking Down Aoi Todo’s Renewed Boogie Woogie in Jujutsu Kaisen

Well, Jujutsu Kaisen has been amazing recently and its fans have been loving the epic battle that is taking place in Shinjuku. This fight has been going on for quite a while now and with Yuji levels increasing into something else and Sukuna releasing his domain, it is now very near for this fight to end.

Still, for the final push, an interesting character who appeared in the previous chapter is Aoi Todo, whom fans saw in Shibuya. Now Todo has come back to fight and he is even more powerful than he was before and everyone is eager to see what he is going to do with this new powerful curse technique.

What Exactly Is Boogie Woogie?

Boogie Woogie is a special curse technique which isn’t very powerful as a whole. Comparing it to many other powerful cursed techniques that the spectators have witnessed in JJK, this one at best can be described as average. But in one way or another, it can be the largest weapon in a fight that any individual can ever have. 

In other words, this inherent ability existing in Todo is an ability to exchange the positions of anyone and anything within a certain range with a clap of his hand, those who are capable are those holding a moderate amount of cursed investing a certain measure of his own efforts. 

That is all of the cursed technique does. Todo first used it when he was introduced in JJK and during the fight with Hanami, he used it together with Yuji effectively. He was seen moving his own position with Yuji’s position and at the same time, also moving the position of Hanami with other people as well. He can exchange the location of two objects that contain cursed energy with his own person or anyone else’s, or he can clap and do nothing.

What Exactly Is Boogie Woogie?

Todo’s technique is simple, but the method he uses this power is very complicated. Boogie Woogie can be said to have just a few drawbacks and, firstly, it lacks a wide range. It can’t be spread over large distances normally and yet Boogie Woogie can be utilized once an individual learns the tunes by which Todo utilizes this power. 

For example, when Hanami battles with Todo and Yuji, they begin to adapt to this cursed technology. Likewise, Mahito can estimate how it went in a few cases, even though Todo applied it in Shibuya in incredibly creative ways. Nevertheless, Todo can always have a backup plan and mislead the target, even if he deduces how this technique will be employed. The fact that it is so simple makes it very effective.

How Todo Lost Boogie Woogie in Shibuya to Mahito’s Strength

Todo was expected to be one of the most powerful sorcerers in JJK and this is something that Gojo stated. However, he ended up losing his cursed technique while he was in Shibuya. This occurred in his fight with Mahito, where the curse was able to fully use the powers of Idle Transfiguration against him.This cursed technique wreaked havoc in Todo’s hand, meaning he needed to cut it off or die.

Todo managed to cut off his hand, and though he was able to use Boogie Woogie for a while, in the end, Todo clearly explained that the cursed technique had died. He does not have such a feeling that this cursed technique resides in his body anymore; that is why Todo is not prominent in the story any longer.

This was very sad for the fans because it ruined the possibility of Todo and at the same time erased him, even though he was one of the most enjoyable characters. Of course, the fans of the character alway said that Todo would return in some point later in the series and that indeed happened in JJK chapter 259 when Sukuna unleashed the power of Divine Flame inside of his domain erasing every evidence of life. Without Todo, all the sorcerers inside would have been killed.

How Todo Lost Boogie Woogie in Shibuya to Mahito's Strength

Fortunately, everyone got out alive, but Choso lost his life when he died trying to save his brother, Yuji. The rest of them were saved by Todo, with the help of Boogie Woogie. With that, he started his fight against Sukuna. However, more importantly, fans kept wondering as to how Todo was again able to get his hands on Boogie Woogie . At the same time, fans also know that Todo doesn’t have his hand to clap anymore, a principle question: how is this technique activated now? In JJK 260, fans get to see how Todo has evolved in terms of power and ability to make Boogie Woogie even more lethal than it was initially.

Todo’s Enhanced Boogie Woogie with a Vibraslap

In JJK chapter 260, it has now become evident that Todo has a vibraslap as his left hand prosthetic. People anticipated Todo to have a prosthetic gun or a prosthetic hand hidden somewhere. However, instead, he has a vibraslap. This one has a metal piece that is placed within a wooden box that when it is struck internally, it vibrates and makes a different sound. It is with each vibration of this vibraslap that Todo can now swap places. 

In a nutshell, Todo has perfected his technique in a way that he no longer claps to trigger the technique. With each use of the vibraslap he can effectively switch up to 50 times per second for a single second, making this a cursed technique that is indeed marvellous.

Todo's Enhanced Boogie Woogie with a Vibraslap

This would have already been dangerous enough to this technique but Todo further put a Binding Vow on himself. Due to this Binding Vow, the number of switches differ from the number of collisions of the Vibraslap. In return, Todo can expand the range of his movements and the number of targets that he can apply the cursed technique to exchanges. It was due to this increased range that he was able to aid Yuta, and simultaneously, protect the sorcerers in the previous chapter from Sukuna’s Divine Flame. Without this Binding Vow, Todo would not have been able to achieve this marvellous feature.

If that was not enough to make this technique completely broken on its own, Sukuna also pointed out that Todo might actually be able to reverse the order of the maximum and minimum number of swaps that he can make in a single collision of the vibraslap. In other words, Sukuna himself said that he could not adapt Boogie Woogie and that it is impossible to do so. 

More is yet expected from Todo and the fans should expect to see him rise to the occasion in the ensuing parts of JJK, and to bring Boogie Woogie once again.